Clear the yard


01-25-23 13:30 

To whom i can adress the problem of clearing my yard?

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01-25-23 16:56 RE: Clear the yard

Personally i don't know. Shouldn't there be some sort of governmental services which can do the job? I mean i think that this is the only way to get rid of problems

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01-26-23 11:00 RE: Clear the yard

I don't know. My father do this all the time and when i ask whether i could help, he declines, as he says that he can do everything better. I can say that maybe you could try to use some snow removal services as this may be helpful, cause these companies can deal with every problem quicker and can also economize your time, well in case you have job and don't have time for small things

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02-06-23 18:51 RE: Clear the yard

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