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Return of the Lucky Stars

main information

english title Return of the Lucky Stars
original title 福星闖江湖

cast & crew

directorStanley FUNG Shui-Fan
CHU Shek-Tsan
actorRichard NG Yiu-Hon - 吳耀漢
Walter TSO Tat-Wah
WONG Jing - 王晶
Stephen CHANG Kwong-Chin
SHING Fui-On - 成奎安
LO Hoi-Pang
Joan TONG Lai-Kau
Wellson CHIN Sing-Wai - 錢昇瑋
Elsie CHAN Yik-Si - 陳奕詩
WONG Ching
LEE Ka-Ting
HUI Siu-Hung - 許紹雄
Stanley FUNG Shui-Fan
Carina LAU Ka-Ling - 劉嘉玲
MA Chao
Eric TSANG Chi-Wai - 曾志偉
Michael MIU Kiu-Wai - 苗僑偉
FUNG King-Man
Nat CHAN Pak-Cheung - 陳百祥
Kent CHENG Jak-Si - 鄭則士
Kenneth TSANG Kong - 曾江
action director LAU Kar Wing
scriptwriter WONG Jing - 王晶
Stanley FUNG Shui-Fan

additional Info


Four former orphanage buddies join forces to open a detective agency. They are coerced by the local police chief into investigation a Hong Kong crime boss, and find themselves forced to risk life and limb to uphold the law. Despite their best efforts to the contrary, the cowardly, bumbling Lucky Stars becomes heroes..

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