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Beyond the Sunset

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titre anglais Beyond the Sunset


réalisateurJacob CHEUNG Chi-Leung
interprètePetrina FUNG Bo-Bo - 馮寶寶
Cecilia YIP Tung - 葉童
Lowell LO Koon-Ting
Richard NG Yiu-Hon - 吳耀漢
LAW Chi-Wai
MAK Kit-Man
producteurBarry CHUNG Man-Keung
scénaristeJacob CHEUNG Chi-Leung
CHAN Kam Cheong

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Bobo plays a women is has kept anger built up inside her ever since her daughter moved to America,and when her daughter comes to HK ('Pearl' played by Cecilia Yip), May (played by Bobo) has mixed feelings about her. Although she is pleased to see her daughter, and grand-daughter who she has never seen, she still feels angry more to her son-in-law for keeping her away for so long.

Over the years, May has met a man who she has built a good reationship with (played by Richard Ng) and has helped her enjoy life.

source HKMDB