Cheung Wai-Gwong


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The Golden Eves 1970
My Husband Wants Me to Get Married 1970
The Swinging Bunch (Colour) 1969
A Mad Rush into Love 1968
A Great Lover 1968
Dangerous Seventeen 1968
Joy to the World 1968
The Blossoming Rose 1968
Happy Years 1968
Lightning Killer 1967
I Love A-Go-Go 1967
The Black Killer 1967
Terrors over Nothing 1967
The Blue Bees 1967
The Golden Cat 1967
Lady Black Cat Strikes Again 1967
A Sweet Girl 1967
The Golden Swallow 1967
Lady Black Cat 1966
The Golden Gun 1966
Return of the Golden Bat 1966
Gold Button 1966
The Golden Bat 1966
Green is the Grass 1966
Who Is More Beautiful? 1966
Ji Gong and the 8 Immortals 1966
Reunion 1965
Yearning for You 1965
The Real and the Fake Ji Gong 1965
Playful Young Folks 1965
The Red Rattlesnake 1965


année  avis  moy.  nb
The Swinging Bunch (Colour) 1969


Top récompense un travail que nous avons trouvé de grande qualité..

Flop dénonce un travail que nous avons jugé mauvais.

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