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2 Young

main information

english title 2 Young
original title 早熟

cast & crew

directorDerek YEE Tung-Sing - 爾冬陞
actorDavid CHIANG - 姜大衛
Henry FONG Ping - 方平
Raymond TSO Wing-Lim - 曹永廉
CHIN Ka-Lok - 钱嘉乐
Candy YU On-On - 余安安
Anthony WONG Chau-Sang - 黃秋生
Fiona SIT Hoi Kei - 薜凱琪
Teresa MO Sun-Kwan - 毛舜筠
Eric TSANG Chi-Wai - 曾志偉
Jaycee CHAN Cho-Ming - 房祖名
NG Shui-Ting
cinematographerVenus KEUNG Kwok-Man

additional Info

classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children and young teenagers


Ka Fu (Fong) is born to a working-class family. He is happy since he has a very loving family. Natalie (Sit) grows up in a very affluent family. Her parents want her to have the best and thus have lined up a rich education for her. However, Natalie is not happy. She finds no love from her parents and they are often away on business trips. Ka Fu and Natalie are from two different worlds. They are not related in any way, but fate throws them together. Natalie accidentally falls pregnant. Ka Fu's parents are so furious because they find their son following in their footsteps. They do not want Ka Fu to regret when he gets older. However, they are finally moved by the love of the young pair.

(source: DVD)

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