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The 82 Tenants

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english title The 82 Tenants

cast & crew

director LEE Pooi Kuen - Li Pei Chuan
actorGordon LIU Chia Hui - 劉家輝
Kara HUI Ying-Hung - 惠英紅
Charlie CHO Cha-Lei - 曹查理
LO Meng - 羅莽
Nat CHAN Pak-Cheung - 陳百祥
Betty TING Pei
YAU Chui Ling

additional Info


One of Cantonese comedy's most popular and familiar foundations was inspired by the apartment houses which cover Hong Kong. Writers, directors, and stars were galvanized by the possibilities for social satire within those walls. Shaw Brothers raised the original, groundbreaking The House Of 72 Tenants another ten to come up with this delightful, latter-day variation on the theme, featuring some of the studio's best and brightest, including "Master Killer" Gordon Liu Chia-hui and "Venoms" muscleman Lo Meng. The result is fascinating fun for comedy and kung-fu fans alike.

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