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All About Ah-Long

main information

english title All About Ah-Long
original title 阿郎的故事

cast & crew

directorJohnnie TO Kei-Fung - 杜琪峰
actor CHOW Yun-Fat - 周潤發Ah Long
WONG Tin-Lam
Sylvia CHANG Ai Chia - 張艾嘉Sylvia
WONG Kwan-Yuen
NG Man-Tat - 吳猛達L'ami d'Ah Long
producerJan TAP GA
action directorTony CHING Siu-Tung - 程少東
Joe CHU Kai-Sang
YUEN Bun - 元彬
composer LO Tayu
scriptwriter NG Man-Fai
CHENG Chung-Tai
Philip CHENG Chung-Tai
artistic directorRaymond CHAN
costumesBruce YU Ka-On

additional Info

durationEnviron 1h40
classificationHong-Kong: All ages


Ah Long (Chow Yun Fat), a former motorcycle racer who lived the life of a wastrel, womanizing, drinking and beating his pregnant girlfriend, Por Por (Sylvia Chang) 10 years ago. He was injured in a terrible accident while trying to outrun the police in one of his escapades and was sentenced to jail. After his release, he tries to put a life together for himself and his son (Huang Kun Husen) as a truck driver for a quarry.

A chance encounter brings Por Por back into the life of Ah Long and to the son whom she was told had died at birth. While Ah Long hopes for a re-union, Por Por only wants to take the boy back to the U.S. for a new, orderly life. In an attempt to prove himself, Ah Long decides to take a chance at the race track for one last time…

(source : DVD)

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