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Black Magic

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english title Black Magic
original title 降頭

cast & crew

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director HOH Mung-Wa
actor CHAN Ping
GOT Dik Wa
SAM Suk Yee
GOO Man-Chung
LIN Wei Tu
LEE Sau Kei
NG Hong-Sang
Norman CHU Siu-Keung - 徐少強
CHIN Tsi Ang
YUEH Hua - 岳華
Tanny TIEN Ni - 恬妮
KU Feng - 谷峰
LO Lieh - 羅烈
TI Lung - 狄龍
Lily LI Li-Li - 李莉莉
producerRunme SHAW
scriptwriter NI Kuang

additional Info

production studioShaw Brothers 邵氏


In a departure from his normal roles, martial arts hero Ti Lung plays Hsu Lo who runs up against an evil black magic practitioner San Kan-mi (Ku Feng). San Kan-mi wants to seduce Hsu's fiancee Wang Chu-ying (Lily Li) and places a death spell on Hsu and a love spell on Wang, hoping to kill two birds with one stone. Another veteran witch doctor comes to the rescue of the spellbound lovers as this bone-chilling tale of good versus evil races to a heart-stopping ending.

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