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Bruce Lee and I

main information

english title Bruce Lee and I
aka Bruce Lee - his last days, his last nights / Unicorn Palm / I love you Bruce Lee / Sex life of Bruce Lee
french titleLa Vie sentimentale de Bruce Lee

cast & crew

directorJohn LAW Ma
actorBetty TING Pei
GOO Man-Chung
LEE Pang-Fei
Tino WONG Cheung
LI Chiao
LEE Sau Kei
Chan Lau
WONG Pau Kei
YEN Shi-Kwan
HSU Hsia
Danny LEE Sau-Yin - 李修賢Bruce Lee
YUEN Cheung-Yan
Tony LIU Jun-Guk - 鲁俊谷
Danny CHOW Yun-Kin
Sunny YUEN Shun-Yi
CHIN Yuet-Sang - 錢月笙
HO Pak-Kwong
Alan TSUI Chung-Sun
Corey YUEN Kwai - 元奎
WANG Chih Chiang
action director TANG Chia
YUEN Woo-Ping - 袁和平
composerJoseph KOO Ka-Fai
scriptwriterEvan YANG - 易文

additional Info

category III
duration102 mins
production studioShaw Brothers 邵氏
classificationHong-Kong: 18 or more only


This is one incredible movie. Betty Ting Pei, the woman in whose apartment Bruce Lee died, stars as herself in the story of her relationship with the international action icon. Danny Lee - who was to find even greater fame in such classics as John Woo's The Killer, Liu Chia-liang's Tiger On The Beat 2, and his self-directed true crime thrillers Dr. Lamb - wisely chooses not to try an impersonation of Bruce. Instead he just holds on tight as the fascinating expose unfolds. The international title, Bruce Lee: His Last Days, His Last Nights, might give you an idea of the action in store, as Betty "strips away" the rumors to reveal her version of the truth...among other things. John Lo Mar, who loved making wall-to-wall, streamlined, kung-fu-crammed action films, works with esteemed martial arts instructors Tang Chia and Yuen Woo-ping to make the fight action as interesting as the rest.

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