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Crazy Crooks

main information

english title Crazy Crooks

cast & crew

directorKarl MAKA - 麥嘉
actorPeter CHAN Lung
TSANG Choh-Lam
Karl MAKA - 麥嘉
LEE Sau Kei
Alan CHAN Gwok-Kuen
HO Pak-Kwong
HUI Ying-Ying
Raymond WONG Pak-Ming - 黃百鳴
Dean SHEK Tin - 石天
CHIU Chi-Ling
producerKarl MAKA - 麥嘉

additional Info


Mo-pei Chai and Kwong-kwan Chat are two crooks who accidentally swindled Kam Yik-kung's counterfeit bank notes. Kam sends his killers, Iron Cow and Crazy Horse, to track them. The two crooks are saved by an orphan, Mak Ah-tau. Since then, the two men and the kid became good friends. After going through many dangerous situations, the two crooks decides to not wander anymore for the sake of Mak. At the same time, they also found out that Mak is Kam's biological son and they return him to Kam. When return Mak to Kam, not only does Kam not accept his son, he also plans to kill the trio.

Source: wikipedia

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