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The Eighth Happiness

main information

english title The Eighth Happiness
original title 八星報喜

cast & crew

directorJohnnie TO Kei-Fung - 杜琪峰
actor CHOW Yun-Fat - 周潤發
Carol CHENG Yu-Ling - 鄭裕玲
TIN Ching
WONG Kwan-Yuen
Karl MAKA - 麥嘉
Teddy Robin KWAN - 泰迪羅賓
LEE Heung-Kam
John SHAM - 岑健勳
HUI Ying-Sau
Charlie CHO Cha-Lei - 曹查理
CHUI Bo-Fung
Cherie CHUNG Cho-Hung - 鍾楚紅
Fennie YUEN Kit-Ying - 袁潔瑩
Petrina FUNG Bo-Bo - 馮寶寶
Jacky CHEUNG Hok-Yau - 張學友
Michael CHOW Man-Kin
Raymond WONG Pak-Ming - 黃百鳴
Lawrence CHENG Tan-Shui - 鄭丹瑞
producerRaymond WONG Pak-Ming - 黃百鳴
scriptwriterJoe MA Wai-Ho - 馬偉豪
NG Man-Fai
Philip CHENG Chung-Tai
Edward LEE Kui-Ming
Raymond WONG Pak-Ming - 黃百鳴
editorDavid WU Tai Wai
cinematographerPaul CHAN Chung-Chau

additional Info


A minor phone mishap sealed the fates of three brothers and the women of their dreams. Raymond Wong plays the oldest sibling Fang Jian-hui who's the host of a daytime cooking show and falls for a Cantonese opera singer only to find out his brother has been making crank calls to her at all hours of the night. Chow Yun-fat in a never-seen-before role as the effeminate womanizing second sibling Fang Jian-lang, is torn between steady girlfriend (Do Do Cheng) and a sexy siren played by Cherie Chung. Jacky Cheung rounds up the star-studded cast as the youngest brother Fang Jian-sheng, a shy cartoonist who has a crush on a girl he met in the park.

Source : Joy sales

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