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Embrace Your shadow

main information

english title Embrace Your shadow
original title 挚爱

cast & crew

directorJoe MA Wai-Ho - 馬偉豪
actorFiona SIT Hoi Kei - 薜凱琪
Dylan KWOK
CHEUNG Kwok-Keung
producer HUANG Jianxin - 黄建新
artistic directorBruce YU Ka-On

additional Info

classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children and young teenagers


Yin's life is full of unfortunates, she has to take care of her brother who is dumped by his wife because he has arterities, and their daughter. Life is hard but she is optimistic and feels satisfied. One day, Yin and Ken meet. Ken is a robber and has no relatives, the warmth of Yin's family touches him. He helps Yin and they fall in love gradually. However, Ken causes Yin's brother die indirectly, hatred and love co-exists in Yin's heart which makes her has no choice but to break up with Ken. At that moment, Yin discovers she has arterities and it is going into an aggravation. When she is facing the possibility of death, she realizes she cannot live without Ken. They get back finally and confront to the difficulties together. However, the God is not so kind, Ken is destined to lose Yin...

(source : DVD)

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