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Escape From Hong Kong Island

main information

english title Escape From Hong Kong Island
original title 墨斗先生

cast & crew

directorSimon LUI Yu-Yeung - 雷宇揚
actorJordan CHAN Siu-Chun - 陳小春
Chapman TO Man-Chat - 杜汶澤
CHEUNG Tat-Ming - 張達明
Coco CHIANG Yi - 蔣怡

additional Info


Raymond is a cocky senior manager in a trading company. One morning, he heads to work just like every other day, a guy approaches him to ask for money and Raymond brushes him off. A chain of bad luck starts to occur. Raymond's boss fires him and Raymond quickly secures a spot with Bey, Raymond's pal who works in a competitor's company. The only condition is that Raymond will have to cross the harbour to sign the contract by 5pm that day. Crossing the harbour may be an easy task, but not so when you are mugged! Without money or identification card, Raymond spends the next hours desperately seeking for help or money, but only receive cold-shoulder. When every means has been tried, he even jumps in the water to swim across the harbour...This is the day that Raymond learns his important lesson in life...

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