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Hero of Beggars

main information

english title Hero of Beggars

cast & crew

directorAnthony CHAN Yau - 陳友
actorAnthony CHAN Yau - 陳友
Kingdom YUEN King-Tan
Teddy YIP Wing-Cho
ON Tak-Chuen
Billy CHING Sau-Yat
Michael CHAN Wai-Man - 陳惠敏
Peter LAI Bei-Tak
Sandra NG Kwun-Yu - 吳君如
Alfred CHEUNG Kin-Ting - 张坚庭
Simon LUI Yu-Yeung - 雷宇揚
Michael HUI Koon-Man - 許冠文
producerVictor TAM Long-Cheung
action directorTony LEUNG Siu-Hung
Deon LAM Dik-On - 林迪安
scriptwriter YI Ling
NG Man-Fai

additional Info

duration95 mins
production studioGolden Harvest


Ma Wai was a Company Commander of the People's Liberation Army, but due to the reduction of army, he and his comrades were forced to work in a stable. One day, his cousin came visits him, and invites them to Guangdong to "do business" together. Upon their arrival, Wai's cousin was arrested for smuggling firearms, Wai and his fellows start off their tricky business of exchanging money in black market and selling fake medicine. In order to get rich, they decided to sneak to Hong Kong, but they haven't the slightest idea about what lies ahead...

(source: DVD Universe)

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