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Nothing is impossible

main information

english title Nothing is impossible
original title 情意拳拳

cast & crew

director LAM Wah-Chuen
actorZuki LEE Si-Pooi - 李思蓓Ms Dodgy B
Lowell CHIK King-Man
Jessica XU
Karen LEE
Debbie GOH
Cherrie YING Choi-Yee - 應采兒
Dayo WONG Chi-Wah - 黃子華
Andy ON Chi-Kit - 安志杰
producerMichael MAK Dong-Git - 麥當雄
composerTommy WAI Kai-Leung
scriptwriter FONG Sai-Keung
Cindy MA
editor POON Hung
cinematographer CHAN Chi-Suen

additional Info

duration99 minutes
production studioSundream Motion Pictures
distributorEdko Films Ltd


Vivian loses her lover and her dignity in a pub one night. Believing in "nothing is impossible", she decides to win everything back with her bare hands.

She falls in love with the fist game. She likes it for its lightning action and its ever-changing delivery. More importantly, she has fallen in love with the cheerful "Turtle", Ah Kwai, the champion of the fist game. He lets Vivian realises that the ultimate challenge of the game is to engage each other in duels. It is the delivery and reaction that provide the real charm.

In the world of the battle of fists, Vivian re-gains her dignity.

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