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The Reincarnation of Golden Lotus

main information

english title The Reincarnation of Golden Lotus
original title 潘金蓮之前世今生

cast & crew

directorClara LAW Cheuk-Yiu
actorJoey WONG Cho-Ying - 王祖賢
CHAN Laap Ban
Lisa CHIAO Chiao
KU Feng - 谷峰
Wilson LAM Jun-Yin
TAN Lap-Man
LAI Chun-Wen
Eric TSANG Chi-Wai - 曾志偉
producerTeddy Robin KWAN - 泰迪羅賓
action directorTony LEUNG Siu-Hung
scriptwriterLillian LEE Pik-Wah

additional Info

distributorGolden Harvest


The film centers on the tragic life of woman, Shan. She lives in the modern world. But all the time she was dogged by visions that in her previous life she was Golden Lotus, an amorous woman who dared to love, to commit adultery and even to murder her husband.

Things were similarly happened to Shan. After she was raped by the party commissioner, she was accused as an anti-revolutionary and sent down to the farm where she love with a young man got her into trouble. Despairingly, she married a Hong Kong businessman and moved to Hong Kong. Like Golden Lotus, Shan madly loved her husband's cousin. Later on, Shan's amorous fire is stoked by a trendy designer. Is Shan truly a reincarnation or the legendary Golden Lotus?

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