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Sex for Sale

main information

english title Sex for Sale
original title 面具

cast & crew

director CHEUNG Chang Chak
actor SAM Suk Yee
Tina Chin Fei
Chin Han
GOT Dik Wa
AI Ti - 艾蒂
Helen KO
Tina KAM Fei

additional Info

duration105 mins
production studioShaw Brothers 邵氏


Lin Wei-pin (Chin Han) walks into an employment agency looking for a job, after a somewhat unusual interview by Tu Pi (Tina Chin Fei), who runs the agency, he gets a job as a male model. In the course of his work Lin Wei-pin meets Salsali (Ai Ti), who, apart from being the top local model, also runs a Beauty Centre. Lin is much impressed by Salsali, loving her and requesting her in training him to be a successful model.

Tu Pi is a sex-starved divorcee who goes all out to seduce Lin Wei-pin. She also finds him another job as a companion to a rich middle-aged amputee, Mrs. Ou (Hsia Ping). Lin Wei-pin soon discovers that Mrs. Ou wants more than just companionship.

At a nightclub, Salsali introduces Lin Wei-pin to her friends Linda (Eva Lin), and an effeminate man, called Laurel (Yi Ta), who is a singer by profession. Linda is a loose girl who enjoys seducing every man she meets. One night, she convinces Lin Wei-pin to take her to his room at Mrs. Ouís home; two are discovered making love by Mrs. Ou; and thus ending the relationship with Mrs. Ou. Lin Wei-pin goes to live at Tu Piís place, but that relationship ends with a bang when Tu Pi overhears Lin referring to her as ďthat old bagĒ.

By this time Lin Wei-pin, thanks to Salsali, has become a successful model. The day he leaves Tu Pi, Salsali agrees to let him stay overnight at her place. Lin Wei-pin and Salsali discover that they are in love, but Salsali insists that he must forget her.

Later, Laurel invites Lin Wei-pin to share his apartment. Lin accepts, but rejects Laurelís homosexual advances, resulting in Laurel committing suicide.

Source : Celestial

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