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Slim till dead

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english title Slim till dead
aka Thin

cast & crew

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directorMarco MAK Chi-Sin - 麥子善
actorAnthony WONG Chau-Sang - 黃秋生
Raymond WONG Ho-Yin - 黃浩然
Crystal TIN Yue-Lai
Vonnie LUI - 雷凱欣
Zuki LEE Si-Pooi - 李思蓓Queenie
TIAN Rui-Ni - 田蕊妮
Cherrie YING Choi-Yee - 應采兒
Sheren DENG Tsui-Man - 鄧萃雯
Angel WU Qing ZheTin Fuk
WONG Jing - 王晶
producer WONG Jing - 王晶

additional Info

production studioJing's Production
classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children and young teenagers


Ginnie, Cherry, Cecil and Tong Fei are participating in the "Slim Queen" contest, but one of the participants Eve is missing. Her dead body was found and weight of 70lb only. Sergeant Tak, constable Albert, and a journalist from Mainland, Tin Fook go to investigate this case. Later on, Cecil was being killed, her legs were brutally amputated and weight 70lb only. Ginnie and Tong had been kidnapped, Albert has been killed, and Yau, the boyfriend of the owner of "Ladies Fair and Slim" becomes the prime suspect. When this case going to an end, Tak got a videotape shot by the paparazzi, and discovered that the murderer is...

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