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The Thirty Million Rush

main information

english title The Thirty Million Rush
original title 橫財三千萬

cast & crew

directorKarl MAKA - 麥嘉
actorBrigitte LIN Ching-Hsia - 林青霞
WONG Ching
Paula TSUI Siu-Fung
Angile LEUNG Wan-Yui
John WOO Yu-Sen - 吳宇森
Mark CHENG Ho-Nam - 鄭浩南
LIU Chia-Liang - 劉家良
WONG Jing - 王晶
Eric TSANG Chi-Wai - 曾志偉
Karl MAKA - 麥嘉
producerKarl MAKA - 麥嘉
action director LIU Chia-Liang - 劉家良
scriptwriterWellington FUNG Wing
TSANG Kwok-Chi
Karl MAKA - 麥嘉
cinematographerBob THOMPSON

additional Info


Having heard that thirty million old bank notes have not yet been cremated by mistake, Fatty and his friend, upon seeking the consultation of ex-convict Baldy, go to the cremation station. Sister Maria follows and tries to cease them, disclose the secret to the inspector without knowing that he has also got a dirty mind. When they discover that the money is being replaced a crazy competition is about to burst.

(source: DVD Universe)

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