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Those Were the Days

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english title Those Were the Days
original title 友情歲月山雞故事

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directorRaymond YIP Wai-Man - 葉偉文
actorJordan CHAN Siu-Chun - 陳小春
Gregory LEE Wing-Ho
Frankie NG Chi-Hung
Lily LI Li-Li - 李莉莉
LEE Siu-Kei
David LEE Sheung-Man - 李尚文
Patrick KEUNG Hiu-Man
YU Yang - 于洋
Philip KEUNG Hon Man
YU Yung
Vincent WAN Yeung-Ming - 尹揚明
Jason CHU Wing-Tong - 朱永棠
Michael TSE Tin-Wah
Jerry LAMB Hiu-Fung - 林曉峰
Gigi LEUNG Wing-Kei - 梁詠琪
Anthony WONG Chau-Sang - 黃秋生
Sandra NG Kwun-Yu - 吳君如
Kristy YEUNG Kung-Yu - 楊恭如
producerManfred WONG
composer CHAN Kwong-Wing - 陳光榮
cinematographer LAI Yiu-Fai

additional Info

classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children and young teenagers


Growing up together in the poorest area of the town, Chicken swears to protect Gigi for the rest of her life. He joins the triad gang whereas Gigi wants to be a successful person. The gap between them gets wider. She enters the "Miss Hong Kong" beauty pageant, however, her being worked in nightclub before is discovered. During her most depressed period of time, she accidentally meets Chicken again...

(source: DVD)

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