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The Warning Time

main information

english title The Warning Time
original title 鐵男本色

cast & crew

directorVincent WAN Yeung-Ming - 尹揚明
actorVincent WAN Yeung-Ming - 尹揚明
Carrie NG Ka-Lai - 吳嘉麗
YU Rong-Guang - 于榮光
Tommy WONG Kwong Leung
LEUNG Ka-Yan - 梁家仁
NG Shui-Ting
Yvonne YUNG Hung - 翁虹
cinematographer GWONG Ting-Woh

additional Info



After 18 years being kept in jail. Vegetable Head who had committed manslaughter is now a 36-years old guy. He goes to his old flat with his really hope after release, also to look for his girlfriend Lotus Ho, but everything's gone, including Lotus.

  Vegetable Head then goes to his good friend - Shark and Big Nose. However, Lotus becomes their boss' wife and they don't know how to tell Vegetable Head the truth.

  After Vegetable Head knows the fact, he asked Shark and Big Nose introduce him to their boss in order to get close with Lotus. Lucky he gets a great support from the boss and gain his own reputation within the field.

  As Lotus and Vegetable Head meet so many times in the office, their emotional feeling starts again till once the boss goes to a business trip.

  Boss starts a collaboration to form a gambling ship, while Vegetable Head steals the big money and warns the boss to exchange Lotus with him...


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