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Wu Yen

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english title Wu Yen
original title 鍾無艷

cast & crew

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directorJohnnie TO Kei-Fung - 杜琪峰
WAI Ka-Fai - 韋家輝
actorAnita MUI Yim-Fong - 梅艷芳
Sammi CHENG Sau-Man - 鄭秀文
Cecilia CHEUNG Pak-Chi - 張柏芝
WONG Tin-Lam
HUI Siu-Hung - 許紹雄
Bonnie WONG Man-Wai
AI Wai
LAM Suet - 林雪
Raymond WONG Ho-Yin - 黃浩然
producer WAI Ka-Fai - 韋家輝
Johnnie TO Kei-Fung - 杜琪峰
Tiffany CHEN Ming-Yin
action directorTony LEUNG Siu-Hung
composerRaymond WONG Ying-Wah
scriptwriterBen WONG King-Fai
WAI Ka-Fai - 韋家輝
YAU Nai-Hoi
artistic directorBruce YU Ka-On
costumesBruce YU Ka-On

additional Info

duration2h00 environ
shooting studioMilkyway Image
production studioChinastar


A comedic farce based upon a legendary Chinese fable it features three of Hong Kong's leading female performers in the key roles.

Sammi Cheng stars as the films main character Cheung Mo Yim. A gifted female warrior who is destined to marry the emperor and bring prosperity to the dynasty. Cecelia Cheung plays the fairy spirit that comes between the destined couple. The nature of her role has her playing both masculine and feminine roles. Anita Mui has the largest role as both the Emperor Qi and his descendant Emperor Huang.

Arguably, Anita Mui is the real star of this film. She is given the most material of the film and comes across with some of the best laughs. Her performance as two male characters in the film is only underscored when she later (as a man) dons a dress to portray a woman. Sammi and Cecelia also give notable performances and the three woman work quite well on screen together.

(souce : DVD)

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