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Yes Madam !

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Alain 2
Anel 4
Arno Ching-wan 3.75
drélium 3
François 4 Typical D&B Girls with Guns (and high kicks)
Gaetan 3
Ikari Gendo 3
jeffy 4
Junta 3.5
MetalSeb 3
Ordell Robbie 2.5
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Typical D&B Girls with Guns (and high kicks)

If you want to know what is a D&B actioner, I think Yes Madam is a good sample. You will find there all the good and bad elements which made the productions of this studio quite well known among HK movie fans.

First element, some women. Usually a cop (Michelle Yeoh, quite cute even if she dresses with kitsch clothes) teaming with another foreigner cop (Cynthia Khan here, a woman also, bonus), fighting against some very bad guys with an even worse boss (James Tien, Chung Fat, Dick Wei). You can then add some funny guys with silly names for the humor part (Tsui Hark, Mang Hoi and John Sham), and a few cameos (Wu Ma, Corey Yuen).

Then there must be enough action scenes, usually hand to hand fights, with some weapons but rarely with heavy means (no big explosion, the budget is limited). The kung-fu scenes are usually quite destructive, (this time it's a big house which is devastated) and should hurt some stunts men. The main problem with Yes Madam is that the action is kept for the end, making the development of the movie closer to a comedy. Some of the D&B movies have a better balance between all the elements. But the final scene and the conclusion of the movie makes Yes Madam one of the must see of the category.

There should be also some typical 80's elements, like funny clothes (Michelle's ones...), and electronic music (but the theme is quite nice).

Yes Madam it's all that, and even more, with a crazy Tsui Hark as one of the funny sidekicks and Chung Fat with big eyebrows and a moustache. Of course that's still a nice B-movie and not a masterpiece, but people watching this kind of movie know what they are looking for.

22 August 2003
by François

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