Chan Cheuk-Sang


année  avis  moy.  nb
O.K. 1969
Lady Songbird 1968
A Nutty World 1968
Gold-rush Madness 1968
Every Girl a Romantic Dreamer 1967
Finding a Wife in a Blind Way 1967
Making a Living in a Blind Way 1967
How Ximma Zai was Insulted During His Date 1967
Spring Time in the Jade Hall 1966
Crazy Young Master 1965
Monkey Saint Raids the Monastery 1965
A Tough World 1965
Which One is Which 1965
Country Boy Goes to Town 1965


Top récompense un travail que nous avons trouvé de grande qualité..

Flop dénonce un travail que nous avons jugé mauvais.

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