Neon Genesis Evangelion II

Fiche de l'album
Titre Neon Genesis Evangelion II
Année 1995
Description Bande Originale
compositeurSAGISU Shiro
Genre Instrumentale
Détail sur le support
Editeur King Records
Version CD
Référence KICA-290
Composition de l'album
2Zankoku na tenshi no teize (TV) Paroles
3Borderline Case
4A Crystalline Night Sky
5Angel Attack II
6Angel Attack III
7Both of you, Dance like if you want to win
8Waking up in the morning
9Background Music
10A moment when tension breaks
11The day Tokyo-3 stood still
12Spending Time in Preparation
13She said, Don't make other suffer for your persona
15Pleasure principle
16The Beast II
18Rei III
19When I find peace of Mind
20Fly Me to the Moon (TV Size Version) Paroles
21Fly Me to the Moon (Rei#5 TV remix)
22Fly Me to the Moon (Rei#6 TV remix)
23Jikay Yokoku
24Fly Me to the Moon (Aya Bossa Techno)
25Fly Me to the Moon (Aki jungle)