Musa Soundtrack

Fiche de l'album
Titre Musa Soundtrack
Année 2001
Description Bande Originale
compositeurSAGISU Shiro
Genre Instrumentale
Durée 71'14''
Détail sur le support
Editeur Yejeon Media
Version CD
Référence YWRCD-018
Composition de l'album
1Death Wind(Prologue)2'00''
2Proudly Chinese Power1'14''
3A Mirage Of Desert(Synth Only)2'30''
4Sudden Attack3'56''
5Slave Obliges0'19''
6Survival On The Desert3'01''
7A Song For All1'00''
8Old Man's Death2'41''
9Marching Soldiers2'24''
10Prelude To Love2'01''
11The Miserable Battle2'51''
12Soul Of The Warriors3'18''
13A Prayer Of Victory4'15''
14Chase And Fight2'08''
15The Ascetic Exercises3'00''
16Enemy's Dance (Rhythm Ver)2'10''
17The Castle View2'38
18Growing Your Spirit1'59''
19Dansaeng's Star2'01''
20The Funeral March2'12''
21A Fight For Our Motherland(Voc Full)3'17''
22Our Empty Heart1'49''
23Everyone's Heart Belongs3'05''
24Unity Soul Is Here3'43''
26Most Greatest Love In The World3'45''
27Where Your Heart Belongs6'35''