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200 Pounds Beauty

main information

english title 200 Pounds Beauty
original title 미녀는 괴로워

cast & crew

director KIM Yong-Hwa - 김용화
actor JOO Jin-Mo - 주진모Sang-Jung
KIM Ah-Jung - 김아중Hanna
SEONG Dong-Il - 성동일
KIM Yong Gun - 김용건
JEONG Min-Seong
KIM Ji-seok - 김지석
PARK Hwi-Sun - 박휘순
JO Seok-hyeon - 조석현
KIM Yeong-mu - 김영무
PARK No-Shik - 박노식
KIM Hyeon-Suk - 김현숙
LEE Won-Jong - 이원종
LEE Han-Wi - 이한위
IM Hyeon-Shik - 임현식
JANG Geun-Yeong - 장근영
composer LEE Jae-Hak - 이재학
scriptwriter KIM Yong-Hwa - 김용화
artistic director JANG Geun-Yeong - 장근영
editor PARK Gok-Ji - 박곡지
cinematographer PARK Hyeon-Cheol - 박현철
costumes JO Sang-Gyeong - 조상경

additional Info

duration120 min
production studioKM Culture


The story is about an obese woman who suffers from low self steem because she thinks she's not beautiful. Han na (played by Kim A-jung) is a kind woman with a great heart, as well as a great singing voice. She finds a job as a lip sync vocalist for a famous Korean pop singer, and a phone sex partner. After having her heart broken she desides to undergo a mayor full-body plastic surgery. The surgery ends up being successful, and she becomes part of a whole new world. She finds that she is treated differently when she makes mistakes, gets all the men she desires, and even gets to become a singer on stage. On the other hand there are those who think her plastic surgery is mostrous, they become the challenges she must face. All and all this is a great movie, and it's nice to see her fairy tale come true. - Hope you liked my review. By Maley S.

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