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Bleach - Memories of Nobody

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english title Bleach - Memories of Nobody
original title ブリーチ

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original story KUBO Taito

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In Karakura Town, there has been a sudden outbreak of unidentifiable spirits called "blanks" (vacant souls). In the skies of Soul Society, the real world has been reflected. A mysterious female shinigami called Senna has appeared before the great Gavin. A man named Gavin leads a group called the "Dark Ones" who wield a dark power which they use to put their formidable plan into motion. Will Ichigo be able to prevent the collapse of the world?

That day, the first incident occurred in Karakura Town. A group of "blanks" were loitering in town. As substitute shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki went to investigate, a female shinigami named Senna, who carried a zanpakutō called "Mirokumaru" (bodhisattva re-incarnation) appeared. However, she offered no explanation of her identity, and evaded the question of her squad assignment by replying she forgot.

At the same time, disaster also struck Soul Society. The scenery of the real world was suddenly projected into the skies of Seireitei, where the shinigami reside. An official first class warning provision was issued to the Gotei 13, and a captain proficiency examination was urgently opened. This had a great impact on those who had prepared themselves. The disasters that struck both the material world and Soul Society were an unnerving sign of the "collapse of the world", where the balance between the material world and Soul Society would crumble, all order would be lost, and the two worlds would instantly terminate. Also, a special order was issued to 10th squad captain Hitsugaya…

Before Ichigo and Senna, men appeared who identified themselves as the "Dark Ones" who wield the power of darkness. Ganryu, who is the leader of the "Dark Ones" is the mastermind behind the plan for worldwide collapse. As the power of darkness grows stronger, Ichigo and his friends will soon face an intense battle with high stakes. One must wonder for what reason do the "Dark Ones" persistently target Senna... One hour until the collapse of the world. The final countdown until the decisive battle between the "Dark Ones" and the shinigami has begun. Will Senna, and Gavin and his friends be able to protect the world in time?

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