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main information

english title Bliss
original title Fu Sheng

cast & crew

director SHENG Zhimin
actor XU TaoLei
WANG LanSun Xiao-Hong
LIAO ZhongJian-Jun
HE Xing-QuanLao Li
HE Qin
GUAN Jiang-GeXiue
producerFruit CHAN Goh - 陳果
scriptwriter SHENG Zhimin
editor KONG Jing Lei

additional Info

duration96 min


In succession to Fruit Chan's unique style, "Bliss" reveals the revulsion of family relationships, which catalyzed by the huge social changes under the great era. Retired security guard Li, whose wife had run away with someone long time ago, is planning to remarry the divorced teacher Miss Zhang. Li's son Jian Jun always occupied with his work, also facing his marital crisis since his wife gets lonely and turns unfaithful. On the other hand, Miss Zhang's raging son Zhao falls in love with a girl, who aims to earn fast money at a night club. All of a sudden, Li's first wife comes back in a box of ashes, making a turning point to eliminate the strangeness between all members from two broken families.

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