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Gimme Gimme

main information

english title Gimme Gimme
original title 愛上我吧

cast & crew

directorLawrence LAU Kwok-Cheong - 劉國昌
actor TSUI Tin-Yau - 徐天祐
CHUI Tien-You - 徐天佑
Yorky LO Wai-YingFion
Yorky YUEN Cheuk-WaiSoda
Yoyo CHAN Chi-Yiu - 陳自瑤
SIU Yu-Wah - 蕭宇樺
producerJohnnie TO Kei-Fung - 杜琪峰
Tiffany CHEN Ming-Yin
cinematographer KEUNG Kwok-Man

additional Info

shooting studioMilkyway Image
production studioChinastar
classificationHong-Kong: Not suitable for children and young teenagers


Lobo and Skid are very close friends. They study in the same class and often play in a band and play skateboards with their classmates. Soda, one of their classmates, has many girlfriends concurrently, and Suki is his closet girlfriend. Fion is another classmate. She is addicted to chat in phone with friends and strangers everyday. She always thinks she will find a true love from playing line.

  One day, Fion has an argument with her boyfriend on street, and Pat, an innocent girl, saw the incident. She makes friend with Fion at this very moment. From that day and on, Fion brings Pat to her won world. One day, Fion brings Pat to disco along with her classmates. Kid suddenly realizes Pat is his dream girl whom he met in a sport stadium. Skid excitedly and shyly asks his buddy Lobo to help him to make friend with Pat. Lobo agrees quickly, but he realizes later that he also falls in love with Pat......

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