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I Come With the Rain

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english title I Come With the Rain
aka アイ・カム・ウィズ・ザ・レイン / 나는 비와 함께 간다 / 伴雨行
french titleJe viens avec la pluie
statusAbout to be released

cast & crew

director TRAN Anh Hung
actorJosh HARTNETT
KIMURA Takuya - 木村拓哉
TRAN Nu Yen Khe
Shawn YU Man-Lok - 余文樂
LEE Byeong-Heon - 이병헌
producerJean CAZES
scriptwriter TRAN Anh Hung
associated producerJoann CABALDA BANAGA

additional Info



Kline (Josh Hartnett), a former Los Angeles police officer turned private detective, is hired by a powerful pharmaceutical conglomerate boss to investigate in Asia the disappearance of his only son, Shitao (Takuya Kimura), whom he has not seen in person since the boy was ten. Now in his 30s, Shitao has gone missing in the Philippines where he had been helping in an orphanage.

Kline flies out to Mindanao and the trail takes him to Hong Kong. There, enlisting Meng Zi (Shawn Yue), an old friend and former colleague now working for the Hong Kong police, Kline follows a faint trail left by the ethereal Shitao. The path leads to local organized crime syndicate boss Su Dongpo (Byung-hun Lee), who is making trouble for the underworld, triggered by an overriding passion for his drug-addicted girlfriend Lili (Tran Nu Yen Khe).

Caught in the crossfire between Su Dongpo's mafia drug ring and the Hong Kong police, Kline found himself alone, in this unknown city, when Meng Zi is victim of an assassination attempt and hospitalised.

Leaving behind his 5-star hotel for a shabby murder scene apartment in order to get inside the mind of Shitao, Kline gradually looses himself in the terrifying memories of a serial murderer, Hasford (Elias Koteas), whose speciality was dissecting his victims' limbs while they were still alive, then reassembling them into installation sculptures.

After a few weeks immersed in his haunted memories, torn between good and evil, Kline is about to leave Hong Kong when he finds Shitao, who has become a mysterious vagrant with healing powers.

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