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The Killer

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A Landmark in Movie History

What else to say that hasn't been said for those who haven't seen it yet? You're not laughing when you see the tons of kitsch, romance and drama in a Douglas Sirk movie? Go and see it. You don't care for realism in cinema but more for movies catching the reality of emotions? Go and see it. You like movies paying tribute to classics -Melville's le Samourai for the idea of the gangster sought by cops and thugs, Sirk's Magnificent Obsession for the idea of a man making accidentally blind the one he loves and trying to repent afterwards-while they're bringing something new under the sun of the genre cinema -the famous Woo's touch-? Go and see it. This is a religious movie, a comedy, a melodrama, a brilliantly directed action movie. Some would prefer the blockbuster efficiency of Hard Boiled, the realistic description of male friendship in Bullet in the Head, the coolness of A Better Tomorrow but the Killer is Woo's indisputable masterpiece for its mastering of cinema as a technique and as an art since emotions such as the desire to stop everything, the intensity of feelings, the drama built around male friendship need cinema to be expressed with force. A Classic.

23 August 2003
by Ordell Robbie

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