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Laughing Times

main information

english title Laughing Times
original title 滑稽時代

cast & crew

directorJohn WOO Yu-Sen - 吳宇森
actorDean SHEK Tin - 石天
Karl MAKA - 麥嘉
LEE Hoi-San
WONG Yat-Fei - 黃一飛
HO Pak-Kwong
Raymond WONG Pak-Ming - 黃百鳴
SAI Gwa-Pau
FUNG King-Man
WU Ma - 午馬
TSANG Choh-Lam
producerKarl MAKA - 麥嘉
scriptwriterJohn WOO Yu-Sen - 吳宇森

additional Info


Dean Saki, a wanderer, lived his life in poverty and hunger, ran into the chase of the police and Wong Wai, a poor orphan who was used by the villain Carl Mak in committing crimes. They turned out to be good friends. Meanwhile, Dean fell in love with a singer. Later on, he met Woo Ma, who drank his days away because of Carl Mak abuses. Evil Carl Mak was dealing in slave trading and had captured the singer and the orphan. Dean and Woo Ma ventured their lives to rescue them. Carl Mak was finally arrested by the police.


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