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Long Good Bye

main information

english title Long Good Bye

cast & crew

director LAU Sing Hom
actorRosamund KWAN Chi-Lam - 關之琳
CHOW Yun-Fat - 周潤發
producer NG See-Yuen

additional Info

duration88 mins
classificationHong-Kong: All ages


After the Vietnam War, former Vietnam soldier Chow comes to Hong Kong and work as a professional killer for a gang leader. Here he meets Kwan and they become lovers. An order is given to Chow to kill Kwan's dad, later Chow's boss Tong asks Chow to kill Kwan also as Kwan starts to suspect him. Chow tries to flee with Kwan, Tong wants to kill them and on their way to escape, Kwan realizes that Chow is the one who kills her father. Heart-broken, Kwan tries to kill Chow as Chow picks up a gun trying to shoot her...

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