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Love Talk

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english title Love Talk
original title 러브 토크

cast & crew

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director YI Yoon-Ki - 이윤기
actor BAE Jong-Ok - 배종옥
PARK Jin-Hee - 박진희
PARK Hee-Sun - 박희순
JEONG Hee-tae - 정희태
CHOI Deok-Mun - 최덕문
KIM Jung-Gi - 김중기
CHOI Ban-Ya - 최반야
KIM Tae-jeong - 김태정
composer KIM Jeong-Beom - 김정범
cinematographer CHOI Jin-wung - 최진웅

additional Info

duration118 min
distributorCJ Entertainment
production studioLJ Film


Director Lee Yoon Ki follows up the critical success of his assured debut This Charming Girl with a tale of heartache and isolation for three Koreans living abroad. Set in Los Angeles, a city made famous for its racial tensions and animosity towards outsiders, Love Talk introduces us to Su Nee, played by acclaimed television actress Bae Jong Ok (Prettier Than Flowers). She is the host of a late night radio program called Love Talk, on which she meets Young Shin (Park Jin Hee), a young woman with some deep emotional scars. Over time the two form a close bond with each other and become friends. Little do they realize though that Ji Suk, played by Antarctic Journal's Park Hee Soon, is currently renting out the second floor apartment of Su Nee's house. What is the problem, you might ask? Ji Suk just happens to be Young Shin's ex-boyfriend, and the root of all her painful memories. So what will happen when these three people come face to face and are forced to face their pasts?

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