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Madam White Snake

main information

english title Madam White Snake

cast & crew

directorGriffin YUEH Feng - 岳楓
actorLinda LIN Dai - 林黛
ZHAO Lei - 趙雷
YEUNG Chi Hing - 楊志卿
Margaret TU Chuan
producerRunme SHAW

additional Info

production studioShaw Brothers 邵氏


A magical, mystical tale of two snakes who transform into sisters and one of them fell in love with a human. The two snakes assume the identities of Pak Su-cheng (Linda Lin Dai) and Ching Ching (Margaret Tu Chuan). Su-cheng meets Hsu Hsien (Chao Lei) who, in a former life, had saved her life. Deciding to reward him in this life, Su-cheng marries Hsu who is unaware she is a snake spirit. Snake-human unions have serious side-effects and frowned upon by other humans. When people start suspecting the sisters' real identities, they are forced to draw upon their supernatural powers to transport themselves into a better world. Seductive and tragic, the lovely Linda Lin Dai gives one of her most moving performances. A sensuous tale that will send chills of pleasure down any viewers' spine.

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