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main information

english title Marathon
original title 말아톤
aka Malaton, Running Boy

cast & crew

director JEONG Yun-Cheol - 정윤철
actor JO Seung-Wu - 조승우
KIM Mi-Suk - 김미숙
LEE Gi-Yeong - 이기영
BAEK Seong-Hyeon - 백성현
AHN Nae-sang - 안내상
LEE Seong-Min - 이성민
KIM Jae-Rok - 김재록
KIM Seon-Jae - 김선재
composer KIM Jun-Seong - 김준성
scriptwriter YUN Jin-Ho - 윤진호
SONG Ye-Jin - 송예진
JEONG Yun-Cheol - 정윤철
editor HAM Seong-Won - 함성원
cinematographer KWON Hyeok-Jun - 권혁준
KIM Tae-Gyeong - 김태경
assistant director LEE Seo - 이서
costumes HAM Hyeon-Ju - 함현주

additional Info

duration113 min


Cho-won is a lovely, normal-looking child who likes chocolate cookies and zebras. Finding out he is autistic, his mother kneels down before the burden of reality. However, his mother discovers his love for running, and begins to train him. 20 years later, Cho-won's intelligence is still that of a five-year-old boy. He farts everywhere, bows to his younger brother, and dances to music wherever he is. However, his mom dedicates herself to training him to accomplish a 'Sub-3-Hour,' which is completing a marathon below three hours, a dream for amateur runners.

One day, Jung-woo, a former marathon champion comes to work at Cho-won's school to fulfill his community service for a DUI. Cho-won's mother begs him to coach her son. Taking the job unwillingly, he learns to open his heart to Cho-won as they spend more time together and sees the possibility of accomplishing a 'Sub-3-Hour.' Jung-wook and Cho-won's mother have a serious dispute over how to train Cho-won. Amid the heated argument, Jung-wook tells Cho-won's mother that she's obsessed, which makes her realize that she's been pushing his son around to make herself feel better about him being autistic. Consequently, she decides not to let him run any more.

(source : DVD)

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