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Memory of the Youth

main information

english title Memory of the Youth
original title 少年往事

cast & crew

directorJohn CHAN Kin-Chung - 陳健忠
actor ZHAI Tian Lin - 翟天臨
MA Xiao Qian - 馬曉晴
YU Wen Tian - 俞聞天
ZHANG Si Hui - 張斯會
SUN Qi - 孫祺
producerJohnnie TO Kei-Fung - 杜琪峰
scriptwriterJohn CHAN Kin-Chung - 陳健忠

additional Info

duration89 mins
classificationHong-Kong: All ages


Fang, a lively and lovely girl from Qingdao, finds a violet which belongs to a little gentleman Yao. A true friendship starts to develop between them after this destined enounter. They grow together along with their friendship. However, Fang's mother wants Fang to get married and in order to escape, Fang decides to elude to Europe. Before her departure, the two young people finally realise love has already blossomed between them long time ago...

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