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Only Fools Fall in Love

main information

english title Only Fools Fall in Love
original title 呆佬拜壽

cast & crew

directorVincent KOK Tak-Chiu - 谷德昭
actor LAU Ching-Wan - 劉青雲
BAK Ka-Sin
TSE Chi-Wah
TUNG Wai-Keung
Vincent KOK Tak-Chiu - 谷德昭
WONG Yat-Fei - 黃一飛
WU Chien-Lien - 吳倩蓮
YEE Siu-Ping
YUEN Wah - 元華
Roy CHIAO Hung
POON Hang-Sang
Billy LAU Nam-Kwong - 樓南光
Dayo WONG Chi-Wah - 黃子華
FUNG Chi-Sing
Jerry LAMB Hiu-Fung - 林曉峰
LEE Ko-Kei
PANG Mei-Ting
producerJohnnie TO Kei-Fung - 杜琪峰
scriptwriterVincent KOK Tak-Chiu - 谷德昭
Erica LEE Man

additional Info


Fuk was the master of Chiu's family, he was intelligent but miserable. Fuk was hurt in the head and turned foolish during a Chinese Tradition Ceremony. His brother Jack was so jealous against Fuk that he ganged with a street lady Mon Dee trying to play trick on Fuk through the marriage with him. After that Mon Dee was in love with Fuk and brought him to normal and Jack was the one who could not have his plan worked out successfully.

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