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The Perfumed Arrow

main information

english title The Perfumed Arrow

cast & crew

director KAO Li
actorIvy LING Po
CHIN Feng - 金峰
HO Fan
Tina Chin Fei
Chin Han
scriptwriter CHANG Cheh - 張徹

additional Info

production studioShaw Brothers 邵氏


Perfectly cast as a woman impersonating a man, Ivy Ling Po - who has made a career in Huangmei Opera playing male roles - plays the tomboy daughter of a general. Like Yentl, Pei-ngo (Ivy Ling Po) maintains a male facade for the rights she doesn't have as a girl. However, her mother wants her to marriage. Not only must she consider revealing her long hidden gender secret, but she must choose between two schoolmates for a groom. It's another Huangmei Opera triumph that charms and delights

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