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Springtime in a Small Town

main information

english title Springtime in a Small Town
original title 小城之春
aka Xiao cheng zhi chun
french titlePrintemps dans une petite ville

cast & crew

director TIAN Zhuang Zhuang - 田壮壮
actor WU Jun
XIN Bai Qing
HU Jingfan - 胡靖钒
producerWilliam KONG
cinematographerMark LEE Ping Bin
executive producer WOUTER Barendrecht

additional Info



A country town in South China. It's the spring of 1946...

Liyan is the only surviving male of the Dai family but he is very ill. His wife, Yuwen, become Liyan's nursemaid: her vivacity has given way to a numbed ennui, and she cries alone in her room at night.

But everything changes when an unexpected visitor arrives. The energetic Zhang Zhichen, now a qualified doctor, is Dai Liyan's old friend in college. He is amazed to find Liyan's wife, is his own childhood neighbour and his first sweetheart.

On the birthday party of Liyan's younger sister, everyone gets drunk and begins to lose control...

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