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Promise of the Flesh

main information

english title Promise of the Flesh
original title 육체의 약속
french titleLa promesse de la chair

cast & crew

director KIM Ki-Young - 김기영
actor KIM Ji-Mi - 김지미
LEE Jeong-Kil - 이정길
KIM Shin-Seong
KIM Yong-Pal
AHN Bong-Gil
LEE Yong-Ho
YEO Han-Dong
YOO Choon-Soo
HAN Se-Hoon
PARK Jeong-Ja
CHO Jae-Seong
PARK Am - 박암
KIM Jeong-Cheol - 김정철
producer KIM Jeong-Jo
LEE Woo-Seok
composer HAN Sang-Gi
editor HYEON Dong-Choon
cinematographer LEE Tae-Gu
HA Jae-Yeong - 하재영
CHOI Chan-Kyu
JOO Hong-Shik
JEONG Il-Seong - 정일성
assistant director SHIN Dong-Woo
OH Guang-Taek
KIM Yoo-Yong
KIM Yeo-Yeon
planning KANG Beom-Gu
CHO Jeong-Seok

additional Info

duration95 min


This movie explores a recurring plot in Korean cinema, namely "a woman prisoner's day off allows her to confront her complexes and explore sexuality." Promise of the Flesh is a remake of an earlier film called Late Autumn; six years after that, in 1981, Kim Su-Yong made Late Fall, almost exactly repeating the plot line and most scenes.

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