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Public Enemy

main information

english title Public Enemy
original title 공공의 적
aka 公共敵

cast & crew

director KANG Wu-Seok - 강우석
actor LEE Seong-Jae - 이성재
LEE Jeong-Heon - 이정헌
SEONG Ji-Ru - 성지루
YANG Jae-Seong - 양재성
LEE Hong-Pyo - 이홍표
AHN Nae-sang - 안내상
KWON Byeong-Kil - 권병길
YANG Eun-Yong - 양은용
AHN Jin-Su - 안진수
JEON Su-Gyeong - 전수경
KANG Shin-Il - 강신일
JEONG Ki-Seong - 정기성
AHN Seok-Hwan - 안석환
SEO Tae-hwa - 서태화
KIM Jeong-Hak - 김정학
LEE Moon Shik - 이문식
YU Hae-Jin - 유해진
LEE Khan-Hee - 이칸희
KI Joo-Bong - 기주봉
SEOL Gyeong-Gu - 설경구
producer KANG Wu-Seok - 강우석
action director JEONG Du-Hong - 정두홍
composer JO Yeong-Wuk - 조영욱
scriptwriter KIM Hyun-Jung - 김현정
editor KO Im-Pyo - 고임표
assistant director KANG Ji-Eun - 강지은

additional Info

duration138 min
distributorCinema Service


Ruthless cop Chul-joong and a merciless killer in raincoat run into each other in a small alleyway and form a fatal bond. A free-for-all fight occurs by coincidence on a rainy street. A week later, the dead bodies of an old couple are discovered with multiple stab wounds. Chul-joong suddenly recalls the night he met the man in the raincoat. Chul-joong meets the old couple's son CHO Gyoo-hwan. He has an intuition that CHO is the murderer but has no clue. In the meantime, another murder takes place in the same fashion. The showdown between a dirty cop and a killer unfolds, as things get more personal.

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