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Taegukgi : Brotherhood Of War

main information

english title Taegukgi : Brotherhood Of War
original title 태극기 휘날리며
french titleTaegukgi : Freres de Sang

cast & crew

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director KANG Je-Gyu - 강제규
actor LEE Hong-Pyo - 이홍표
HWANG Taek-Ha - 황택하
LEE Yeong-Ran - 이영란
CHO Yoon Hee - 조윤희
KIM Hae-Gon - 김해곤
SON Jae-gon - 손재곤
AHN Kil-Kang - 안길강
JEONG Dae-Hun - 정대훈
PARK Jeong-Wu - 박정우
KO Do-Hee - 고도희
LIM Hyeong-Jun - 임형준
JO Yun-Hee - 조윤희
YANG Gil-Yeong - 양길영
KIM Su-Ro - 김수로
KIM Seok-Hwan - 김석환
JEONG Jin - 정진
KONG Hyung-Jin - 공형진
LEE Eun-Ju - 이은주
WON Bin - 원빈
JANG Dong-Kun - 장동건
JEONG Du-Hong - 정두홍
BAEK Jang-Soo - 배장수
CHOI Min-Sik - 최민식
JEONG Ho-Bin - 정호빈
JEON Jae Hyeong - 전재형
action director JEONG Du-Hong - 정두홍
composer LEE Dong-Jun - 이동준
scriptwriter KANG Je-Gyu - 강제규
HAN Ji-Hun - 한지훈
KIM Sang-Don - 김상돈
artistic director LEE Dae-Hun - 이대훈
editor JEONG Jin-Hee - 정진희
PARK Gok-Ji - 박곡지
cinematographer HONG Gyeong-Pyo - 홍경표
costumes KIM Jeong-Won - 김정원

additional Info

duration140 min
financing studioOCN


In 1950s Seoul, Jin-Seok (Won Bin) and his older brother Jin-Tae (Jang Dong-gun) are enjoying a strong family life of perfect happiness. Suddenly, they find their lives turned upside down as soldiers of the South Korean government seize them all men aged 18 to 30 are taken and they are forced to take up arms despite their lack of training against the approaching North Koreans. On one brutal battlefield after another, the bonds of family are put to increasingly demanding tests as Jin-Tae originally driven by his responsibility to protect his younger brother continues to further exhaust his physical and emotional prowess despite the protests of Jin-Seok. He learns that he is a good soldier, one with a talent for inspiring others as well as an unanticipated thirst for killing the enemy. Eventually, these two brothers once bound by a love for family find themselves at odds within this new brotherhood of war, and the pressures to prove one another continue to exact heavier and heavier tolls as the war escalates. As circumstances evolve, the brothers inevitably find themselves on opposite sides of a losing conflict but can either find a path to redemption or reconciliation that can save both of them?

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