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Out Of Justice

main information

english title Out Of Justice
original title 이것이 법이다

cast & crew

director MIN Byeong-Jin - 민병진
actor KIM Min-Jong - 김민종
LIM Won-Hee - 임원희
LEE Gyeong-Yeong - 이경영
JO Seon Muk - 조선묵
JEONG Hyeong-Ki - 정형기
YUN Ju-Sang - 윤주상
YOON Da-Hun - 윤다훈
KONG Hyung-Jin - 공형진
KIM Ghab-Su - 김갑수
KIM Dong-Wuk - 김동욱
SHIN Eun-Kyung - 신은경
JU Hyeon - 주현
BYEON Kyeong Su - 변경수
action director JEONG Du-Hong - 정두홍
YANG Gil-Yeong - 양길영
composer LEE Dong-Jun - 이동준
scriptwriter MIN Byeong-Jin - 민병진
KIM Hae-Gon - 김해곤
artistic director RA Hyeon-Gyeong - 라현경
editor PARK Gok-Ji - 박곡지
cinematographer SEO Jeong-Min - 서정민

additional Info

duration123 minutes


One day, a body turns up with a tarot card on him. He is the one who got off scott-free from a rape and murder charge due to lack of evidence. The killer warns the police that he'd continue his job of putting away those above the law. The police set up a special task force to investigate this. The detectives nail the killer step by step. However, the killer watches their moves and acts ahead of them. Soon, the team finds out that the killer is involved with the ring called Ilsim that brings those who evade the law to justice...

(source : DVD)

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