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True Colours

main information

english title True Colours
original title 英雄正傳

cast & crew

directorKirk WONG - 黃志強
actorRaymond WONG Pak-Ming - 黃百鳴
Tommy JENG Kei Ying
WONG Hap - 王俠
TI Lung - 狄龍
Brigitte LIN Ching-Hsia - 林青霞
LAM Chun-Hong
LAM Chung
CHENG Kei-Fung
producerRaymond WONG Pak-Ming - 黃百鳴
action directorKirk WONG - 黃志強
scriptwriterRaymond WONG Pak-Ming - 黃百鳴

additional Info


Lung (Ti Lung) and Wong (Raymond Wong) are buddies in their ferocious youth. Lung fled from his motherland to escape a death penalty. Lung returns after five years and runs into Wong who becomes a priest of an orphanage. One time, Lung saves an orphan in a big fight. He is hero-worshipped by the orphans. When Lung learns his girlfriend, May's (Lin Ching Hsia) unhappy marriage with a wicked underworld boss Kok, he persuades May to go on a new life. But their plan is ruined by Kok and May is killed. Lung turns furious and kills Kok. As a result, Lung is sentenced to death. Wong and Lung concern about the orphans that they might follow Lung's footsteps. At the crux of execution, Lung bursts out in tears saying that he afraid of death. Lung is no longer a hero to the orphans. However, Wong is grateful to Lung for saving these innocent souls.

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