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Umizaru 2: Limit of Love

main information

english title Umizaru 2: Limit of Love
original title Umizaru 2: Test of Trust

cast & crew

director HASUMI Eiichiro
actor ITO HideakiDaisuke Senzaki
KATO AiKanna Izawa
ASAKA Mayumi - 朝加真由美
AOKI Munetaka - 青木崇高Masaya Watanabe
FUKIKOSHI MitsuruShinichi Ebihawa
SATO RyutaTetsuya Yoshioka
OTSUKA NeneMegumi Honma
ASAMI Reina - 淺見れいな
author SATO Shuho

additional Info



Two years into his career as a Japan Coast Guard frogman, Daisuke Senzaki (Hideaki Ito) has matured into a seasoned diver destined to be among the corp’s elite. But he is haunted by past failure and the emotional strain that accompanies a job of saving lives has cast doubts in Daisuke’s mind that threaten to destroy his relationship with Kanna.

The two lovers part on a sour note, right before a large ferry boat called The Clover, equal in size to a 9-story building, runs aground off the coast of Kagoshima. Daisuke and his diving buddy, Tetsuya Yoshioka (Ryuta Sato) are sent in to salvage what turns out to be an explosive situation.

A tear in the ferry’s hull has caused the boat to flood quickly and heel to one side. Faced with 620 panicky passengers, 195 highly flammable vehicles and an inoperative onboard emergency system, the Coast Guard realizes that in about four hours, the ferry will sink. As Daisuke evacuates passengers, he catches sight of a familiar face among them - that of Kanna!

Matters turn quickly from bad to worse as Daisuke and Tetsuya find themselves trapped in the bowels of the boat with two passengers and little means of escape. It is there that Daisuke must resolve his personal demons, resurrect his confidence and stretch his physical ability and stamina to their limit against a sea that seems determined to swallow him alive. With time running out, Daisuke’s experiences an emotional awakening just as explosions rock the ship, drowning out his newfound voice, the voice of Kanna who calls to him and the plaintive prayers of his fellow divers.

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