Chan Lit-Ban


year  grade  avg.  nb
The Two Tigers 1973
The Desperados 1970
The Devil Warrior 1969
The Fragrant Sword 1969
The One-armed Magic Nun 1969
Sword of Emei 1969 3 1
The Virgin Sword 1969
Paragon of Sword and Knife (Grand Finale) 1968
Teenage Love 1968
Hotel Blues 1968
Paragon of Sword and Knife 1967
Tragedy in a Fishing Village 1967
She is Our Senior 1967
Green-eyed Demon 1967
How Master Cute Thrice Saved the Idiot Ming 1966
Master Cute and Da Fanshu 1966
The Golden Cup, the Wandering Dragon and the Decree to Kiill 1966
The Golden Cup and the Wandering Dragon 1966
Master Cute 1965
Six-fingered Lord of the Lute (Part 3) 1965
The Six-fingerd Lord of the Lute (Part 2) 1965
The Six-fingerd Lord of the Lute (Part 1) 1965


Top rewards a valuable job.

Flop underline a poor performance

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