LUK Kam-Bo


year  grade  avg.  nb
Brave Young Girls 1988 2.5 2
Five Fighters from Shaolin 1984
Blind Fist of Bruce 1979

shooting studio

year  grade  avg.  nb
Searching for Love 1986

production studio

year  grade  avg.  nb
Worldly Foursome 1979
Blind Fist of Bruce 1979
The Clumsy Gambler 1977
Carry on Bangkok 1977
Warning for the Young 1977
Two Omniscient Men 1976
We Visited Southeast Asia 1973
Songs and Romance Forever 1972
Song of Happy Life 1971
The Wedding Song 1971
Mother Wants Me to Get Married 1969
My Sweet Lady 1969
My Sweetheart 1969
The Killing Sword 1968
The Blossoming Season 1968
The Tormented Life of a Woman 1966


Top rewards a valuable job.

Flop underline a poor performance

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