VCD Mr Vampire

Main differences between the four images:
-HKL is quite sharp, and presented in the usual 1.77 (subsequently quite cut...)
-HKV is surprisingly less sharp than usually, but presents an excellent compression, and is mated to a 1.66 format.
-the Megastar image is less sharp and not very clean, with a 1.85 format (biggest image of the three).
-the IVL one is clearly the best in every domain (except the framing): it's the sharpest one for sure, the colors and contrast are also the most convincing ones of the four. Of course there is still a lot of grain, but it's clearly the #1 in this domain.

The ranking is quite obvious: number 1 is clearly IVL, number 2 is HKL if you don't mind the framing, number 3 is HKV and number 4 Megastar.

1 - HKL Z2.jpg
1 - HKV Z2.jpg
1 - IVL.jpg
1 - Megastar Z3.jpg
2 - HKL Z2.jpg
2 - HKV Z2.jpg
2 - IVL.jpg
2 - Megastar Z3.jpg
3 - HKL Z2.jpg
3 - HKV Z2.jpg
3 - IVL.jpg
3 - Megastar Z3.jpg
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